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• Slew speed: It has 9 speeds: 1X, 2X, 8X, 16X, 64X, 128X, 256X(1º/sec), 512X(2º/sec), MAX(4º/sec). • Tracking speed: It has 4 speeds: Cel (celestial), Sol (Solar), Lun (Lunar), Def (user defined) • Mount Type: EQ is equatorial and A/A altazimuth. 2.3. Connection to a Computer To mount-train a grown pet, you must possess it, even temporarily. You cannot mount-train a pet while another person owns it or has the pet's icon in his/her datapad. If the owner is a customer, the customer must temporarily trade the pet to you for training. After you've mount-trained it, you must trade or transfer the pet back to the owner. SWG: Jump to Lightspeed: List of Ships and Weapons I originally posted this information some time back, but with all the conversation about Jump to Lightspeed features, such as what ships should be in and which weapons should be offered, maybe it's time for another look at this information. this is my first time here and i am new in the bike sport. I have a mtb for a month now and i usually use it for road trips with some dirt intervals. It has a 7 speed shimano cassette (14-34) and on the road it seems too light now. I would like to change it to an 8 or 9 speed cassette with 11-30 or 11-32 assembly.