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I sent him a photo of the car and he said that because of the chrome bumpers and aluminum foot pads that the cart was 1979-1981. Mystery The car has some differences that no one has seen before. Besides the serial number stampings, the rear drum brakes are very different from the one shown in the Yamaha Parts Catalogs. 1955 sears elgin outboard owners manual/part list 1955 Sears Elgin Outboard Owners Manual, Parts List For 3.5HP Model 571.58501 Used old elgin outboard question - outboard motors, Hi everyone. I have what I believe to be an Elgin outboard motor. On the serial number plate it says Sears Roebuck & company. The serial # is 761.1853 If the model number is on the crankcase, only the last three digits shown in the table will be stamped. For example model 571.58301 would be stamped simply with 301. The stamped model number is then followed by the motor serial number. Table 1. Elgin 1946-1954 Model Identification and Specifications