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Desktop的作用范围可以跨进程。 主要用于像win10的计算器这样包含多个进程的程序。 这种目前比 1.3.6 如何在非英文环境中使用pywinauto. 因为Python不支持代码中的Unicode标识符,所以此时不能...from pywinauto import Desktop, Application Application (). start ('explorer.exe "C:\\Program Files"') # connect to another process spawned by explorer.exe app = Application (backend="uia"). connect (path="explorer.exe", title="Program Files") pywinauto core code understanding tags: python Technical miscellaneous pywinauto def __getattribute__(self, attr_name): """ Attribute access for this class If we already have criteria for both dialog and control then resolve the control and return the requested attribute.