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Spectroscopy origins
We have known for more than 45 years that microplastics in the ocean are carriers of microbially dominated assemblages. However, only recently has the role of microbial interactions with microplastics in marine ecosystems been investigated in detail. Research in this field has focused on three main areas: (a) the establishment of plastic-specific biofilms (the so-called plastisphere); (b ... The horn portion of the assembly is a handcrafted one-piece waveguide, precision molded in hand-laminated, fiber-reinforced fiberglass for optimum performance. With substantial fiberglass layering and integral throat and driver flange construction, the horn is built to withstand substantial torque loads. The Leas Family Genealogy Surname List This site contains 31196 individuals and 6393 unique surnames Since Darwin’s conception of sexual selection theory, scientists have struggled to identify the evolutionary forces underlying the pervasive differences between male and female behavior, morphology, and physiology. The Darwin-Bateman paradigm predicts that anisogamy imposes stronger sexual selection on males, which, in turn, drives the evolution of conventional sex roles in terms of female ...