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Bioelectronics Edited by I. Willner, E. KatzBioelectronics. Edited by Itamar Willner and Eugenii Katz Copyright 2005... The Math 50 series is highly recommended. Math 51M and Math 193 cannot be counted towards the major or minor. One WIM (Writing in the Major) course is a University requirement for the major and must be taken for a letter grade. The Math WIM courses to choose from are: Math 101, Math 109, Math 110, Math 120, and Math 171. Prerequisites: Linear algebra and calculus (Math 51). Reading material: Don Knuth: The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4A; electronic version available. While much of the material we will cover is in this book, much isn't. We expect you to come to class and take your own notes. One of the lectures will be a Q&A session with Don Knuth.