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Gaspar, H. B. et al. Successful reconstitution of immunity in ADA-SCID by stem cell gene therapy following cessation of PEG-ADA and use of mild preconditioning. Mol Ther 14, 505–513, S1525-0016 ... Since I am limited in the instruments that I can use (I cannot use a ultracentrifuge at the moment), I recently tried using PEG 6000 to concentrate the lentivirus using a protocol suggested in NatureProtocol 2 – Producing lentivirus in HEK293T cells using a 2nd Generation lentiviral system Before any work begins, you must have contacted your institution’s Bio-Safety office to receive permission and institution-specific instructions on working with lentivirus Production, concentration and titration of pseudotyped HIV-1-based lentiviral ... Simply add PEG-it to the collected medium, incubate overnight at 4°C, and spin at 1500 g for 30 minutes. In addition, PEG-it acts as a cryopreservative for concentrated virus. Lentivirus concentrated with PEG-it lasts longer in the freezer and survives multiple freeze-thaw cycles with minimal loss of titer.