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A better base zero for the MSR or other rifles with the scope much higher than the bore is to zero the rifle at 50 yards. The second convergence will then occur at 200 to 250 yards and the rifle will shoot six inches, or a little less, low at 300 yards. At 100 yards, the rifle will shoot about 1.5 inches high and 1.5 inches low at 25 yards. So when engaging a target within 50 yards, it is extremely important to have a rifle scope or sighting system that allows for quick target acquisition via a wide field of view. AR15Scopes.com carries a wide range of 1x magnification, and low fixed power red dot sights, laser sights, iron sights, and low magnification prism scopes that are ... Apr 26, 2010 · Now that you have the ideal sight picture, it is now time to calibrate the scope. By loosening the 2 small calibration screws on the windage and elevation knobs (see Figure 1), the top portion of the knob can be turned without moving the reticle. Set the windage to 0 and the elevation to whatever range you were firing at (in meters).