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For example, if a primer states 19.4 nmoles, then add 194 μL of PCR-grade water. Mix the solution by vortexing to reconstitute the primers. Store primer stocks at -20 o C. 2. Make a working primer solution. You should never use the stock primers directly into a PCR because they are so concentrated. Working from one tube is also a bad idea. Nov 21, 2010 · SPI manufactures epoxies, 2K primers, and clear urethanes. Pricing is on their site by clicking on pricing information on the left margin. The epoxies will run about $60 per mixed half gallon, or about $150 for 2 mixed gallons. You can call them and ask for Barry. Acid Etch Primer - Another good, basic auto primer. Acid etch primer is much like urethane surfacer in that it's forte is not so much corrosion prevention as providing a strong bonding surface for paint. If extra rust prevention is the goal, use acid etch primer in conjunction with a sealer or rust preventative.