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cakeordeath, Go into Display Proprtites and under the "Appearance" tab click the "Advanced button", in the narrow Item: window choose "Window" and in the "Color 1" box choose White, click OK/Apply/OK. Learn how to use Canva to create a flyer. If you see a color box in the menu bar, you can click it to change the color of the graphic. Now that you know how to create flyers in Canva and have options for printing them, we hope you'll start on your own design and get people excited about your next event.Aug 09, 2012 · Select the entire range where the new dates will go, and format them as mm/dd/yyyy (Format Cells / Number / Custom, then enter “mm/dd/yyyy” into the Type: text box). Type the first 3 dates. Notice that Flash Fill hasn’t triggered. We decided to disable automatic Flash Fill for numeric data.