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Jan 30, 2019 · As you know, Veeam released the service pack 4 on January 2019, it's not fix bugs only, it also includes a lot of new features - Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Application-level monitoring, Dedicated view for job and disk-based alarms, Veeam Agents support, Enhanced Cloud Gateway view, Enhanced "Cloud Connect Inventory" report, Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 Support… The details ... Veeam reported a bug related to self-signed certificates generated during the installation of the software and used by the backup infrastructure You receive a Failed to check certificate expiration date error message and, if the message is ignored, after 12 months the Veeam functionality breaks...#Set the current working directory to whichever drive corresponds to the mounted VMWare Tools installation ISO Set-Location d: #Install VMWare Tools Start-Process "setup64.exe" -ArgumentList '/s /v "/qb REBOOT=R"' -Wait #After the installation is finished, check to see if the 'VMTools' service enters the 'Running' state every 2 seconds for 10 seconds $Running = $false $iRepeat = 0 while (!$Running -and $iRepeat -lt 5) { Start-Sleep -s 2 $Service = Get-Service "VMTools" -ErrorAction ... Ошибка Unable to Start or Connect to Virtual Disk Service в управлении дисками; Ошибка Activation failed: Another user has activated the USB port incl. device (25) Указанные серверы уже существуют в службе каталогов