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BLOX Intake Manifold Stud Kit B/D/F/H/K-Series In certain instances, the factory intake manifold studs may not be long enough when installing an aftermarket thermal intake manifold gasket. The BLOX stud kit ensures that there will be sufficient threading available when torquing down the manifold bolts. Do you want to have a better intake manifold but dont want to pay for a Cobra Jet? The 2018 Manifold has shown significant gains on all 11-17 5.0 Coyote Motors. It will make more power than a GT350 manifold as well, and only slightly less than a Cobra Jet Setup. Want even MORE power? We have the option of porting these manifolds as well! Many customers want a one-off custom manifold. I can supply billet runners that easily allows us or the customer to fabricate their own billet-sheetmetal hybrid manifold. This method has many advantages over fabricated sheetmetal manifolds. Cost-effective for one-off manifolds. From this point you should be able to follow the Pelican DIY in reverse, making sure to connect the other DISA adjuster wire on the outside of the intake manifold. Once the install was complete, I let the car idle for 10 minutes and then went for a drive.