4 slot m.2 nvme ssd enclosure
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Bid History for Charter Arms, .38 Spl, Revolver Auction Start Date: 02/10/17 3:34 PM ET Auction End Date: 02/17/17 11:06 AM ET Asset ID: 203 Number of Bids: 17. Loading bid history... I have two of their early models also...a nickle plated .38 Special Undercover and a .32 "Undercoverette" (supposedly designed lady police personnel according to old advertising) The .32 has never been shot. I do shoot the .38 on a regular basis and it shoots very well. Very solid little gun. Take it to the woods with me every time I go. Charter Arms Undercover. ... Serial # is 601xxx so I think that is vintage 70s. ... I once owned a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. The private seller at a gun show ...