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beef cows and feedlot cattle, the ratio is not so critical, although normally it would not be allowed to exceed 4:1. Supplemental dietary P is needed under most practical feeding situations. Deficiency of P is the most widespread and economically important of all the mineral deficiencies affect-ing grazing livestock. Creep Feeding Goats Creep Feeding refers to feed provided to goat kids, or baby goats, in an area specifically designed to prevent adult goats from consuming the feed. Creep feed is a way of supplementing a goat mother's milk and pasture feed. Creep feeding is known to help goat kids develop healthier immune systems and increased weaning weights. Feb 23, 2000 · The disposition of Brahman cattle is often questioned. Brahmans are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. They are unusually thrifty, hardy and adaptable to a wide range of feed and climate. However, these characteristics also suggest careful, kind handling methods. Brahmans like affection and can become very docile.